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Our creativity workshops present creativity and idea generation as a necessary prerequisite to innovation and, often, entrepreneurship. We introduce you to a new and unique  model of where creativity comes from, what encourages it and what  undermines our motivation to create. This model explains many hitherto mysterious aspects of creativity such as the poor performance of traditional brainstorming, compared with the same individuals generating ideas individually.  It explains why working alongside others in a team format feels great, but is not conducive to being creative (although it is vital to innovation).  Participants also experience how to overcome the problems that generate these shortfalls.

Typically these events are 2 – 3  days and held in environments conducive to concentration, learning and creativity and are suitable for middle/upper management, entrepreneurs or those wishing to harness individual level creativity.

As well as an introductory workshop in Creativity: The Group Affiliation Model, we run more specialized workshops on Brainstorming, Creative Problem Solving, Leading for Creativity, Communication: The missing link to innovation.

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