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We are passionate abut creativity and innovation and love to share our knowledge and experience with you. Some of our webinars are focused on the organizational implications of creativity and others are more general.  This is a sample of some of our webinar topics.  If you would like to be alerted when we have an upcoming webinar please complete the information below and we will send you an invitation by email.

A Whole New Way of Looking at Creativity!

This introductory webinar will show you a new approach to what motivates us or demotivates us to be creative. Tested by experiment, this  new theory answers many questions previous unanswered by existing science. Such as:Why doesn’t brainstorming really work?  Why has creativity long been associated with mental instability? Why is working in teams satisfying but, ultimately, not conducive to creativity?  These questions and more are addressed in this webinar.

How do I Bring Creativity and Innovation into my Organization?

Theories are all very well, but many  of us study creativity and innovation in order to put that knowledge into practice!  So, how can we get the creative juices flowing in out organizational?  Do we head-hunt people who have a proven track record of creativity and in the past? Do we offer financial rewards for  creative ideas?  Is there something about our work environment that enhances or undermines creativity? Join this  webinar to find out!

Creativity: The Root of Social Evolution!

Have you stopped to wonder why and how it is that took us out of the world of caves and flint axes into the world of electric cars and iPhones?  We know the path of physical evolution (if you believe in Darwinism, that is) but the existence of opposable thumbs does not explain the staggering degree to which we have changed our world, does it?  In this webinar Dr. Andre Walton leads us through the ways in which curiosity and creativity have been, and still are, the social drivers  of change which lead to where we are and continue to dictate where we are heading.

Brainstorming: A new Approach to Solving old Problems

One of the ways in which creativity is applied in an organizational environment is through creative problem solving.  Part of this process involves brainstorming. Popularized by Alex Osborn in his (1948) book Your Creative Power, sadly the traditional brainstorming process never lived up to his expectations.  What is it about a group of people sitting around a table tossing ideas around that did not generate the degree of creativity that Osborn expected?  Find out the answer to this critical question in this webinar and how to over come the problem!

Leadership: The key to the innovative organization?

Ultimately, the real asset of most organizations is their human resource. This includes, of course, not just the ‘ground level’ employees but also management. An organization without focused leadership with a clear vision regards direction and goals is not one that will be attractive to top tear employees. But how do we manage in order to get the best out of all of everyone associated with the organization? This webinar will not answer all the questions, of course, there  are dozens, if not hundreds, of theories regarding management ‘best practice’, but there are some critical factors that  are not frequently addressed regarding managing for creativity and innovation.


An engineer, inventor, entrepreneur and a social psychologist, Dr. Andre Walton is a contemporary renaissance man!  Andre is a contributing author to the Harvard Business Review and has his work published in Inc. Magazine.  He is also the Visiting Professor of Creativity and Entrepreneurship at the University of South Wales (formerly at Newport Business School) and is on faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno, Justice Management Master’s Degree program.  He shares his time between Reno and the Algarve (two places you can play year-round tennis!)


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