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Benefits of planning

A major competency of effective leaders is the skill to see the broad perspective and to transform their long-range view into reality. One of the best ways to develop this skill is through ongoing experience in strategic planning. However, management surveys indicate that 85 percent of executives spend less than one hour per month on strategy.

Many managers have visions and insights about what it would take to make long-term improvements in their organization’s performance, processes, or systems. But when the activities of a typical day involve spending a great deal of valuable time “fighting fires” and reacting to problems, crisis management can become a habitual replacement to the proactive practice of strategic management.  A vicious cycle is then set in place that is difficult to escape.

Strategic Planning is an intervention to crisis management.

The benefits of strategic planning are that it:

  • • provides orderly growth and sensitivity to budgetary issues
  • • stimulates the organization to be responsive to the needs of all stakeholders
  • • focuses on results and benefits rather than service efforts and workload
  • • helps anticipate internal and external future issues and provides a platform for solving them
  • • forces the setting of goals and objectives
  • • increases efficiency
  • • applies a systems approach to reviewing projections and consequences
  • • creates a basis for performance measures and accountability
  • • helps generate effective HR management by establishing relevant and
  • practical performance benchmarks
  • • provides a context for decision making and problem solving
  • • mitigates crisis management and crisis-driven decision making
  • • improves employee morale because of clarity of focus, direction, communication, and inclusion
  • • helps the building of communication networks.

Our Strategic Planning training provides an orderly way to develop an effective strategic plan which includes measurement processes to check on ongoing adherence to, and the effectiveness of, the plan.


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