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The current economic and social turmoil may prove to mark the advent of a new era – the Era of Creativity, potentially as revolutionary as the industrial revolution. Old management models have finally been put to the test and have been found lacking. Our approach to management recognizes and accepts this turbulence as an ongoing reality  and that management is now, inherently, ‘change management’. One of the requirements of managing for change is creativity.  If, in order to survive, we have to take a step in a slightly, or radically, new direction this is inherently creative.

When the Swiss watch industry saw the writing on the wall with the advent of the digital era, the choices were clear – make drastic changes or cease to exist.  But in what direction should that new direction take us? The industry redefined itself not as watchmakers, but as experts in miniature engineering. As well as designing and manufacturing medical implants, this new Swiss industry sector became a world leader in hearing aid manufacture.

This kind of forward, change-driven creative thinking is fostered through our management programs, through mentoring, workshops and our Academy. From leadership style to tolerating anarchy, this new approach to creating innovative environments is designed to help participants develop their own new model of management: Managing for Creativity.

Turn adversity into opportunity!

There is considerable evidence that we are entering a new era; socially, ethically, economically, and, organizationally. Employees require more from employers and prospective employers, as do customers, regulators, investors, the media and the general public. Corporate ethics have never been tested to the extent they are now. Existing economic models are also under pressure, and there is no evidence to suggest that the current turbulence will abate anytime soon. However, an understanding of creativity, creative problem solving and a new conceptual framework to manage oneself and others can guide individuals and organizations through the hurdles of entering a new era, turning adversity into opportunity!

Many of the challenges of management have more satisfactory outcomes when confronted in innovative ways. Integrating creativity into management and general corporate structures has many advantages including job-satisfaction and increased organizational flexibility and efficiency.

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