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Creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of corporate success. From music and the arts to science, technology and management, most innovative contributions have emanated from the United States and Northern Europe.

There are signs, however, that other parts of the world are catching up. Many of the jobs that are outsourced from the US are relatively unskilled – telephone support, airline ticket reservations, for example, but this is changing. Accountancy work, such as tax preparation, is being done in India and elsewhere as is the preparation of architectural drawings and semiconductor and engineering design. In other words, skilled work is beginning to be outsourced also.

The trend will continue for creative projects to be moved abroad where skills can be purchased at a considerable discount to the US and Europe. Few people believe that there is any practical way to protect our borders against the loss of outsourced jobs – even if we want to. What we can do, however, is create a new generation of opportunities for individuals and businesses under pressure from outsourcing; a generation of opportunities that meets the demands of the new era… the era of creativity.

‘In the age of global capital flows, only center of innovation will be able to permanently capture the interest of investors’ – says the World Bank in its advice to nations.

Many US and international businesses have made considerable investments in restructuring to try and create work environments in which new ideas can be generated, identified and nurtured. Often, these investments have shown only limited success and the results are short lived. However, the techniques you will experience during Creative Paths’ workshops derive from a new and unique approach to what motivates people to be creative.

This approach is supported by research and is grounded in the notion that everyone has creative potential. Given an appropriate environment organizations can, and must, utilize the creative energies from everyone associated with the business; not just those in marketing or R & D, or otherwise identified as especially creative people, and not just employees. Based on solid research, the Group Affiliation Model of Creativity™ and Spherical Thinking™ offer new ways to understand creativity.

Creativity is vital to both organizational and personal success. The development of creative and innovative skills helps us cope with downsizing and outsourcing as well as global competition general. Through the unique concepts of macrocreativity™ and microcreativity™ Creative Paths’ workshops address creativity individually and within groups, teams and organizations.

Now more than ever before we need to nurture creativity within ourselves and in our work environments. Creative Paths helps you meet those challenges. We help people create environments where individuals and teams can achieve their creative potential. As well as workshops we design custom programs for your organization. Whether you need to solve a specific problem or simply share my belief that it is crucial to develop an atmosphere in which creativity and innovation can blossom, we can guide you through the process.

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